T. Wise, aka Little Boy Blue, is a lyricist, comedian, and storyteller, bred in Cincinnati and based in Brooklyn.


Blue began rhyming in high school, developing his performer persona through acappella lyrical pieces at underground student open mics and local poetry/jazz clubs.  During college, Blue expanded from performance poetry into comedy, storytelling, and music. During his ten years in Brooklyn, Blue developed and has led empowerment workshops with LGBT youth through Make the Road, poetry and lyric workshops through The Door, and anti-racist solidarity work at Bushwick Community High School.  

In 2015, Blue premiered his first one-man show, HeartHeaded, and has performed this production in different New York locations. This show was representative of Blue in many ways, including its structure as a mash-up of his different art forms. HeartHeaded weaves together poetry, storytelling, hip-hop, drag, and comedy to cover a range of topics from God to RuPaul, Jim Crow to juvenile jails, bipolar disorder to psychedelic drugs on the beach.  For seven years Blue worked with young people at a progressive synagogue in Brooklyn, preparing them for their coming of age ceremony while serving as a mentor and advisor. He also created and performed a show called “Days of Awe” centered around his spirituality and relationship with Judaism as, in his words, “a big funky Jew”.


Blue is currently working on a series of essays about his transition, using his experiences and perspectives as a trans-man to explore layers of identity, privilege, and power.  Other things Blue is cooking up include local comedy shows, SoundCloud singles, an upcoming mixtape, performance pieces geared towards young masculine people to open conversation about masculinity and misogyny, and a screenplay about the looks, loves, lives and complicated ride of queer masculine folks.  


Blue is a mix and a medley, a complicated character, a question asker, and a lobbyist for big love.  He invites his audiences to join him in looking deep into this world and into ourselves, so we can laugh hard, fight hard, and live hard.